As moms-to-be , the overwhelming abundance of information made us to feel a bit clueless and quite frustrated. Everything we were doing seemed wrong.We were constantly hearing the most-dreaded saying  " it's not good for the baby"…

As friends that went through this journey together we have found that it as much more challenging than it seems.

we have discovered, as inexperienced moms , that stress can build up rapidly and affect our wellness. This may happen from various reasons , and it affects each individual differently.

The overload of information and lack of clarity has led to confusion and uncertainty in every step in the process.

The influx of expenses has led to confusion in deciding and prioritizing  - what will be the best use of our money ?

 Since there are so many products and options , it led to fear of making the wrong decisions and over-spending ; a common issue with first-time parents and experienced ones alike.

The sudden change in our body has led to insecurity and low self esteem , as well as the physical pain that added discomfort and we felt awkward with ourselves… 

Times were challenging , until we decided that this amazing journey can go otherwise.

Since then, we have decided to help each other in our decisions - while supporting and encouraging each other.

We have found out that this journey can be fun , challenging and sometimes even easy !

Since our enlightening moment , we have created this company and have helped ,served and supported thousands of mothers. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help inexperienced moms (and moms-to-be) in their challenging journey of motherhood.

At MyBabyNYC We strive  to reduce stress , improve wellness and offer clarity for our customers.

We do this by helping you make easier decisions , providing you with all the information you need to make the optimal choices, based on your preferences and abilities.

As we already know that the overload of product variety , promotions and unnecessary purchases increase confusion and uncertainty among inexperienced parents. We are sure that experienced parents would like as well to make smarter decisions..

 We will always tell you why our products are useful , for whom it is most suitable and at what stage it makes sense to purchase the item.

You get the peace of mind by knowing that we have got you covered.

We offer competitive pricing and cost effective products - while keeping the aesthetics ,quality & safety as our top priority. 

we have created every product keeping you in mind, and thinking how can we make your life a bit easier.

This is our purpose.


For mamas, by mamas .